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Secondary Glazing

Secondary Glazing is the phrase used to describe the fitting of a second window – usually inside the existing window. The term Secondary Glazing is sometimes confused with Double Glazing.

Double Glazing is used to describe the situation when a window is glazed with a unit made from 2 panes of glass that are bonded together with a small gap between them.

It is usually possible to change existing single-glazed windows so that they are double glazed but sometimes it is preferable to leave the existing windows as single glazed and improve the performance of them by making and installing secondary glazing.

Secondary Glazing is much better than Double Glazing for providing additional warmth and sound insulation. The down side is that it means fitting an additional window inside of your existing one and this can mean that you have to compromise a little on the way that your windows look internally.

Often, in period properties with original wooden windows planning constraints severely restrict what you can do with the existing windows and Secondary Glazing may well be the only effective and acceptable way to make your home or office warmer and quieter.

Types Of Secondary Glazing

At The Sash Window Man we appreciate that looks can be as important, if not more important, than the benefit required when trying to improve the warmth and sound insulation of original timber windows with secondary glazing.

This is especially true for houses that are listed or in a conservation area when it is imperative to maintain the look of your property or face the wrath of the local planning office!

For this reason we take a lot of care in selecting the materials and systems that we use.

Wooden Magnetically Fixed System

We offer a wooden magnetically fixed system. It is slim and discreet and can be decorated in any finish to match the paintwork of your existing windows. It is good for providing additional warmth and will reduce noise through your window by up to 75%.

It is not ideal for windows that you need to open a lot as it does need to be lifted off to access the window behind. (Although it is fixed with magnets and this is very simple to do).

Watch our video about How Easy It Is To Use Our Magnetic Wooden System.

Aluminium Sliding & Hinged System

We offer an aluminium system that can slide up and down, side to side or can be hinged. It can also be adapted into a very discreet lift out system that can usually be fitted even when internal plantation shutters have previously been installed close to the window. The aluminium system can also be finished in a range of custom colours to match your existing décor.

The aluminium system is more practical than the magnetic wooden system for windows that you need to open a lot. It is also better if sound insulation is of paramount importance as we can fit it with acoustic glass which is very effective indeed. (Acoustic glass is too heavy to use safely with a magnetic system).

Bespoke Systems

We also offer a bespoke design and fitting service where conventional systems are inappropriate or deemed to be unacceptable for either practical or aesthetic reasons.

It is not always possible to achieve the perfect solution of a window that is warm, quiet and looks absolutely authentic. However, it is often possible to find a good compromise solution where standard secondary glazing just doesn’t quite fit appropriately.

We have managed to please a number of customers by talking to them, assessing exactly what is important to them, and then designing a solution that satisfies most if not all of their requirements.

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