The Sash Window Man

Double Glazing Sash Windows

Having your sash windows double glazed is easily done and provides a neat solution when you need improved performance – to save heat and reduce noise – but you don’t want to spoil the character of your house.

The dimensions of the existing sash windows are carefully measured and then replicated as closely as possible in our workshops. We take great care to copy all of the existing features, including any decorative horns so that your new sashes will fit in with the existing style of the other houses in your street.

Once the new double glazed sashes are fitted, the view from the outside of your building will be very similar to how it was before. Take a look at our ‘before and after’ case studies to see for yourself.

The Double Glazed Units (DGUs)

The thickness of the double glazed unit that we can fit will depend on the thickness of the existing sashes. These vary from window to window but we usually fit a 18mm double glazed unit (2 panes of 4mm glass and a 10mm gap). Sometimes the gap between the panes can be increased to 10mm, permitting a 20mm double glazed unit. Occasionally, if the dimensions of your existing sashes are wide enough, we can fit 24mm double glazed units (2 panes of 4mm glass with a 16mm gap). The bigger the gap, the more effective the window is at breaking up certain sound waves and thus aiding sound proofing.

We fit low-e thermal glass as standard in all of our windows to enhance the thermal performance of the windows along with the Draft-proofing system that we employ. The Draft proofing is also very effective in reducing sound.

We also have to take into account the enhanced safety standards that have been introduced since the windows were first installed and use safety glass where appropriate.

Thermal Insulation

If thermal insulation is of great importance to you then this can be improved by the use of argon gas within the double glazed units. We do not fit this ordinarily as most people are more than happy with the performance of the standard double glazed units but if you would like to explore the additional benefit of argon filled units please ask.

Sound Insulation

If sound insulation is the most important consideration for you this can be improved by the use of acoustic glass.

Acoustic glass is much denser and heavier than standard glass. Very occasionally, windows which have been fitted with acoustic glass will not be able to slide up and down fully. This is because there may not be enough room within the existing window box for all the additional weights needed.

Decoration Of Your Windows

All double glazed sashes that we fit are supplied fully finished in our workshops with top quality microporous paint. You should not need to paint the sashes for at least 5 years. Please note: this does not include your existing box sash frames.