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Sash Window Replacement Facts

A sash window is simply a ‘timber framed window’. There are generally only two types of sash window:

  • Sliding sash windows consist of two sash windows that operate by sliding up and down. See an example.
  • Casement sash windows are usually hinged at the top or side and open and close like a door. View an example.

All new sash windows from The Sash Window Man are made using timber from sustainable sources and we can match any moulding or profile to make sure that we replicate, as closely as possible, the original sash windows of any building. We have worked extensively with local authorities and are experts at working in listed buildings and in conservation areas.

As all of our work is made to order, we do not have a catalogue but we are always happy to prepare a quote. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Usually all new sash windows are glazed with 24mm double-glazed low-emissivity glass to comply with the thermal requirements demanded by current building regulations. Occasionally the local planning authority will insist that new windows are single glazed to maintain the authenticity of the façade of a listed building – this will over-ride the demands of the building regulations.

Our replacement sash windows are:

  • Fitted with a draft-proofing system
  • Fully factory finished with a micro-porous paint system
  • Supplied with all necessary window furniture