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Sound Proofing Sash Windows

Are you fed up with the constant stream of intrusive and irritating noise coming through your sash windows?

From seagull squawking to noisy traffic, studies have shown that exposure to noise can lead to stress, sleeplessness and poor physical and mental health. Noise can enter your home in all sorts of ways but there is no avoiding the fact that when compared to the wall in which they are fitted the windows of your home are almost certainly the weakest point from an acoustic point of view.

Sash Window Noise Reduction Solutions

The Sash Window Man offers a variety of sound proofing solutions to increase the noise insulation properties of your sash windows. From discreet secondary glazing to sound proofing using acoustic glass, we can find the best option to effectively reduce noise coming through your sash windows.

The solution to your problem will depend very much on the type of noise, how loud it is, and just how much it bothers you. It will also depend on how much you use the window and the amount of money that you are able to spend to solve the problem. We are experts at giving you the right advice for both your situation and your pocket.


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