The Sash Window Man

Draft Proofing

Draft-proofing your sash windows is a surprisingly effective way to make your house feel instantly warmer.

A typical sash window will allow warm air to leak from your room similar to the way a hole allows water to leak from a hose. Without draft-proofing, it is not uncommon for the air in a room to be changed 3 times an hour.

This means that you can be paying to heat the air in your room again and again and again…expensive, inefficient and still uncomfortable.

The draft-proofing that we install to your sash windows will not change the look of your windows as it is very discreet and it will make your house warmer.

Additional Benefits Offered By Draft Proofing:

  • You will notice less noise from outside
  • The windows will not rattle
  • The windows will be easier to move up and down
  • There will be a significant reduction in dust coming through the window


We also provide sound proofingdouble glazing and sash window restoration services.