The Sash Window Man

About Us

The Sash Window Man is a family owned business based in Brighton, Sussex. We have been restoring and replacing timber box sash windows since 1998 and we have offices in Brighton and London to cover the whole of Sussex and London. Our facilities also include a joinery and a paint & glazing workshop.

All our highly skilled craftsmen are directly employed by us – we don’t use contractors – and they always work carefully and considerately in people’s homes. They also believe in upholding the company philosophy of ‘restoration wherever possible‘. If restoration is not possible we make authentic timber replicas so that your period home looks exactly as it did when the windows were first installed.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the restoration of existing timber windows wherever possible, and there are lots of good reasons why:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Old wood is better than new wood. The timber used to make old windows was often grown slower and dried naturally (not in a kiln) which means it was of a better quality than most of the stock available today
  • It is less disruptive. Replacing a complete window often causes damage to the internal plasterwork, requiring replacement of existing mouldings, window boards and any internal panels
  • It is often unnecessary. A window that may look rotten or beyond repair to a layman can often be restored very satisfactorily
  • It is a more environmentally friendly option
  • Existing windows look more authentic than new ones
  • There is no need to apply for costly planning permission, listed building consent or building regulation approval
  • The acoustic and thermal performance of your home can be improved at the same time. Making your home warmer and quieter, without changing the look


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