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Acoustic Glass For Sound Insulation

Noise can be a big problem, particularly if you live near railway lines, under flight paths or near busy roads. If you are suffering from sleepless nights, lack of concentration or stress caused by persistent noise, then you may be surprised to learn that there is a relatively simple solution to the problem.

Sound proofing your sash windows using acoustic glass is one of the most effective ways to reduce external noise. In fact, installing sound proof windows has been found to reduce noise by up to half.

Sound Proofing Sash Windows

To reduce the impact that noise can have on your comfort levels at home, we recommend sound proofing your sash windows by installing acoustic glass.

In most cases, we would simply replace the existing sashes (the part of your window that slides up and down) with acoustic glass sashes which would fit within your existing sash window boxes.

To find out more about acoustic glass and how it works, please download our free factsheet

Benefits Of Acoustic Glass

  • Helps you get a more peaceful nights sleep
  • Creates a quieter calmer environment for you to relax in
  • Stops noise distractions interfering with concentration or study
  • Improves heat insulation and security

Choose Your Solution

We offer 2 types of sound insulated glass. Both solutions can easily be fitted to your existing sash windows without compromising the period look of your home:

  • Reduce noise – Single glazed acoustic laminated pane
  • Reduce noise and heat loss – Double glazed unit incorporating acoustic laminated glass.


How We Can Help

Everyone is entitled to a bit of peace and quiet. If you suffer from unwanted noise and need sound insulation for your sash windows, please get in touch to find out how we can help sound proof your windows.



“Living as we do near a road which is on several bus routes and having four very large sash windows in our bedroom, we were finding noise a bit of a problem. We assumed that double glazing was the only way to go but Dean at The Sash Window Man suggested acoustic glass as a better alternative. I have to admit to being a bit sceptical, but am really delighted with the difference our new acoustic glass sash windows have made. The room is much, much quieter and in particular we really hardly hear the buses any more. I would wholeheartedly recommend it.”
Mr N Arthur, Wood Green, London


“My wife and I recently bought a raised ground floor converted flat in Hove with the main bedroom at the front. The first night we were horrified at how loud the traffic and pedestrians seemed to be through our original sash windows. Double glazing seemed the only option and the quotes were ridiculous. Fortunately, a friend recommended The Sash Window Man and suggested looking at having the windows reconditioned. After a consultation we decided to try acoustic glass in our Original frames to comply with the conservation area. The result is like we’ve moved into the country! Absolutely fantastic option, And just a small percent of the cost of new windows with other national (rip-off) firms. Thank you so much for the advice and the Service. Fantastic all round”
Mr Jackson, Hove, East Sussex