The Sash Window Man

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

Yes. All estimates are completely free and without obligation.

Is It Possible To Double Glaze Existing Sash Windows?

Yes. However, properly installed Draft proofing may achieve the effect that you require at a fraction of the cost

Can You Draft Proof My Windows Without Making Them Look Ugly?

Yes, our system is designed to be barely noticeable and yet is very, very effective at eliminating Drafts and rattles.

What About Security?

It is possible to fit locks to sash windows that will allow you to leave the windows open a little yet remain secure against intruders.

Is There A Way Of Making Sashes Easier To Open And Close For The Elderly Or In Cases Where There Is An Obstruction?

Yes. A simple rope system can be cheaply installed which can make awkward to reach sashes much easier to operate.

My Windows Are Stuck. Are They Meant To Open?

Generally speaking all sash windows are meant to open. Both top and bottom. Although, sometimes the side windows in some bays, particularly in terraced houses, were fixed. If there is a pulley inside the frame, then the window was designed to open.

Often over time sash windows can become clogged with paint and will stick. This is something that we can help with.

How Do I Clean The Glass And The Bottom Bit Of Wood On The Top Window?

Properly serviced, most sash windows should slide all the way to the top and bottom of the frame. This makes it possible to clean all of the glass from the inside.

Will I Need Scaffolding For Windows Above Ground Floor Level?

Generally speaking most refurbishment can be done from inside the building. We will advise you if scaffolding is required.