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Reduce Window Drafts, Reduce Bills

Press Release 24th January 2011

Reduce Heat Loss – Reduce Bills With Window Insulation

Traditional sash windows are not only notoriously draughty around the edges, but the single glazing within the frames is often a poor insulator of heat. Around half the heat in a typical British home is lost through the walls, windows and loft – This means we waste millions of pounds a year paying for heating which our homes cannot efficiently retain.

Last month was officially the coldest December since records began in 1910, so we take a look at how to help reduce heat loss through sash windows made in the same era.


There are a number of ways in which you can help reduce heat loss through your windows:

  • Hanging heavy curtains. This will help to keep the heat in a room but these are only effective at night when the curtains are drawn
  • Having your sash windows serviced. The Sash Window Man can give your sash windows a lift by correcting ‘dropped’ sashes to make sure they open and close correctly. This will stop heat from escaping through any gaps which may have appeared at the top and bottom of your windows
  • Draft proofing your sash windows. Hidden draft proof brushes can be fitted which help prevent heat loss by sealing any gaps that exist around and between your sash windows. Draft proofing will also give the added benefit of preventing annoying window rattles
  • Fitting secondary glazing such as the SoundBlocker window; a discreet, removable secondary glazing panel which helps prevent heat loss from sash windows.In contrast to most secondary glazing systems, SoundBlocker windows are made from timber and designed to perfectly compliment original windows in period homes, listed buildings and conservation areas, retaining the authentic look of your home.