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Sash window repairs in Clapham, Balham and Tooting

We are specialists in the restoration of sash windows and we take pride in making your sash windows look as they did when your house was originally built. We offer everything from basic sash window service and repair services to complete replacement with exact wooden replicas of the originals.

So, whether you need a window unsticking, draft proofing or rot treatment in the Clapham area, get in touch today to see how we can help.

Sash window services

  • Sash window restoration and replacement
  • Sash window draft proofing
  • Double glazed sash windows
  • Acoustic glass solutions
  • Sound proofing
  • New sash windows
South West London

Testimonials in Clapham

It looks and feels much better and the room is also noticeably warmer. I was also impressed with the professional manner in which you worked.
Mr & Mrs P

…carried out some skilled repair and replacement work. They gave helpful advice to ensure the character of the house was maintained… left the house clean and tidy. We would recommend the service which was very competitively priced.
Mr & Mrs M

Case Studies in Clapham

  • Noise reduction Clapham

    Window insulation in Clapham

    These sash windows have been fitted with draft proofing seals to help keep out drafts.

  • Sound proofing Clapham

    Sound proofing in Clapham

    Homes in noisy areas can benefit from discreet, removable secondary glazing.

  • Sash window repair balham

    Sash window repair Balham

    The sash windows in this property now open and close thanks to a simple service.

  • new sash windows balham

    New sash windows Balham

    We replaced the old sash windows in this property with new replicas, carefully made in our joinery.

  • new sash windows tooting

    Repaired sash windows Tooting

    Sometimes, old sash windows just need a simple service to get them open again.